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Sometimes the next big solution comes from the most unlikely place

The Shurook Lab provides the opportunity to explore immediate, untested, and potentially groundbreaking solutions to some seemingly intractable problems.

Pilot Projects

We test decentralized, hyper-local ideas.

By incorporating the use of cutting-edge technologies, big data, analysis and visualization, the application of new academic theories to programs, and more, we can test solutions with the potential to make change.


Gaza Air To Water Generators (A2W)

Gaza’s drinking water crisis is rapidly deteriorating and existing plans to address it are too little, too late. Large- scale projects in the pipeline will not come online for a few more years and are hindered by the blockade, power shortages, and implementation delays. Our Air to Water (A2W) project aims to work as a stop-gap solution. We plan to pilot and deploy atmospheric water generators (AWGs) across Gaza particularly to the most vulnerable residents, in schools, hospitals, and clinics...


West Bank Affordable Housing Workshops

The Shurook Lab is conducting a series of workshops with Al Quds University students on the development of efficient, green, and compact affordable housing in Fall 2016. The workshops will be conducted by Lyndon Goode Architects, an internationally recognized architecture firm based in London that has previously conducted workshops within the Palestinian context...


West Bank and Gaza Waste Water Wetlands (W3)

Waste Water Wetlands (W3) is a promising solution to Palestine's sewage crisis: domestic wastewater passes through an improved septic tank and the clarified water is filtered through a wetland, where plant roots act as a bio filter to remove sediments and pollutants. Once treated, water is safe to reuse for irrigation. W3 is also an efficient and green solution: less than 5% of water is lost and operation requires minimal energy, which can be provided with solar power...

Academic Partnerships

We promote ongoing, high quality research.

By providing a platform for analysis, the Lab is a way to develop dynamic partnerships with a range of economists, entrepreneurs, development experts, and students to generate high-quality analysis to feed the conversation.

Fellowship Programs

We introduce students and young professionals to the region.

Shurook offers three cycles of 3-month fellowships throughout the year for competitive undergraduate and graduate-level candidates, as well as recent graduates, to lead specific projects and research efforts incubated in the Lab.


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