You have clearly decided that you will improve your English by the New Year. You signed up for courses, downloaded a bunch of films and even decided to re-read your favorite books, but this time in English. The first week everything went great, but then for some reason there was less and less time left for classes, and in the evenings you again began to read articles in Russian. What to do? How to get yourself interested again?

Calm down first. Not everyone is ready to give all their free time to study the language. Of course, this approach bears fruit, but at the same time, a sharp dislike for English can appear. If your eyes start to twitch at the thought of English, and your legs carry you away from textbooks, then try to relax for a while and just follow our non-standard tips for learning English.

1) Learn something new about familiar things. Turn your favorite clothes inside out and try to translate what is written there. Most often, the composition, manufacturer and instructions for things are written in English. Thus, you can not only learn the names of fabrics and new countries (although it will be mainly China and Bangladesh), but also find out why your new sweater sat down after washing and now only fits on your beloved dog.

2) Pay attention to the clothes of others. No, we are not encouraging you to rip your pants off your sexy acquaintances, shouting that this will help you learn English. Just read the labels on their clothes. Now it has become fashionable to write something in English on T-shirts. Sometimes it’s just a brand name, but it can also be a funny phrase or an interesting fact about the owner. This method will cheer you up and help you learn new words.

3) Look around. There are a lot of English words on the streets now. This can be the names of stores, and names in the menu. Often, English words can be written in Russian letters. If you do not know such a word in Russian, then try to find it in the English dictionary. Imagine how it could be written and forward to knowledge! Pay attention to all kinds of jars and bottles at home. Some of them have instructions in English. Perhaps after reading them you will “finally” know how to properly use your favorite shampoo or what makes up a bathroom air freshener.

4) Pick your own word of the day. Today you have had a wonderful day. Everything went according to plan, the weather was wonderful, the people were polite, even a handsome guy gave way to you on the subway. So the word of today, for example, can be amazing. Drive this word into the dictionary and see what expressions happen to it, and then build a couple of sentences in English, telling what and why today was amazing. But if the day is not successful, then you can expand your knowledge of English mat, at least some plus.

5) Download a program to your phone that every day in the morning will give you a positive sentence in English about how amazing you are and what wonderful things await you in life. It’s nice to read something like “I act as if I already have what I want – it’s an excellent way to attract happiness in my life” in the morning. bring happiness into my life “). By the way, such statements are called affirmations.

6) Encourage your loved one to study English together. No, we are not encouraging you to sit together at night over textbooks. Try to start texting in English. From your mom, you can receive valuable guidance in English about what to buy and what hat to wear. And thanks to your soul mate, for example, you can learn all the words on the topic “Love and relationships”.

7) Change the language on your phone or computer. After such a feat, you will have to at least learn a few new words in order to be able to switch the language back. Try changing the language on your social media as well. It will help you memorize words and learn how your friends’ names are spelled in another language.

Of course, you are unlikely to learn English with just these tips. But at least you will develop interest and get used to noticing new words and language structures in everyday life. And remember that even the smallest steps will help you reach a big goal sooner or later.